3K FC & APS Bomet promoted to FKF National Super League

3K FC & APS Bomet promoted to FKF National Super League | FKF National Super League

In a thrilling conclusion to the 2023/24 FKF Division One campaign, 3K FC and APS Bomet emerged as the champions of Zones A and B respectively, each showcasing their dominance in their respective battles for the top spot.

In Zone A, tension gripped the league as 3K FC and Fortune Sacco engaged in a neck-and-neck race for supremacy. With just one point separating them, every match carried immense significance. In a decisive showdown, 3K FC rose to the occasion, delivering a commanding performance against Kibra United with a resounding 3-1 victory at Moi Stadium in Embu.

Meanwhile, Fortune Sacco’s hopes were dashed as they succumbed to a narrow 1-0 defeat against OMAX FC at Serani Sports Complex, sealing 3K FC’s triumph and securing their ticket to the FKF National Super League.

Over in Zone B, APS Bomet had already solidified their promotion aspirations, displaying consistent form throughout the season. Their campaign culminated in a fitting manner as they sealed the championship with a hard-fought 1-0 triumph against MOFA at the Bomet Stadium, capping off their remarkable journey with well-deserved glory.

As the dust settled on the division, attention now turns to the battle for the final promotion slot to the coveted FKF National Super League in the upcoming 2024/25 season. Fortune Sacco and MOFA Academy stand poised for a showdown, ready to vie fiercely for the opportunity to elevate their status in the footballing hierarchy.

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