Arsenal explicitly admit European Super League ‘mistake’

Arsenal explicitly admit European Super League ‘mistake’ | English Premier League

The plans for a European Super League is over, the Premier League’s biggest clubs have now announced that they have started procedures to exit the competition that would’ve ruined football.

Chelsea were the first English club reported to have started the exit process, with Manchester City the first of the six Premier League misfits to make an official statement.

Then came our exclusive news that Manchester United were set to withdraw from the despicable plans, with the club now confirming that stance in the last few minutes.

United’s statement is almost identical to heated rivals Liverpool’s, for all the wrong reasons, there is absolutely no sense of apology and instead their exits explained by ‘stakeholder’ reactions.

Neither club even had the decency to write ‘fans or supporters’ in their PR-friendly statements, which isn’t a stance that Arsenal took which is nice to see after the ordeal at least.

The Arsenal board announced their withdrawal with an ‘open letter’ in which they explicitly stated they made a ‘mistake’ and ‘apologise’ for it. It at least shows some genuine remorse.

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For anyone that is concerned on the Spurs front, Daniel Levy’s statement reads better than Liverpool and United’s in which he thanks ‘supporters’ for their ‘considered opinions’ – that’s one way to describe the outrage but at least he didn’t steer clear with ‘stakeholders’ talk I guess.

Fabrizio Romano insists that Chelsea are working on their statement now, having been slightly pre-occupied with their tie against Brighton this evening. Hopefully it’s not another sorry excuse of words.

It’s worth noting that my breakdown of each statement is by no means some effort to detract from the issue at hand, which is something that each club’s fans should absolutely never forgive or forget.

Hector Bellerin was the only Arsenal player to really speak out on the matter whilst it was still active, which was done via the words of Gunners great Arsene Wenger. Hats off to the adopted Londoner.

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