Blow to Chelsea pursuit of Champions league Football

Blow to Chelsea pursuit of Champions league Football | English Premier League

Before facing Chelsea at Bramall Lane, Sheffield United had yet to lose a match in which they took the lead this season. Their streak continued, as an apathetic Chelsea side completely failed to show up during a 3-0 loss to the Blades in the Premier League today.

Despite playing at home, Sheffield United were comfortable with cushioning Chelsea’s pressure. Sitting deep and tight at the back, the hosts seemed glad with a gameplan consisting of picking a few scoring chances here and there with long passes from defence while letting the visitors have most of possession to themselves.

15 minutes later, McBurnie would get his goal. Another unattended cross, another moment in which our defence seemingly lost awareness of their surroundings for a few seconds — just enough to get the Scottish striker time and space needed to connect his head to a ball that would end up in the back of our net.

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