KPL fines AFC Leopards SC and bans official

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The (IDCC) has issued a ruling over match number 46 involving AFC Leopards against Nzoia Sugar

AFC Leopards official Timothy Lilumbi has been banned for five months following the scuffle witnessed in their league match against Nzoia Sugar.

Lilumbi was allegedly accused of attacking the match official during the league match that ended in a 1-1 draw at the Machakos Stadium. KPL have now issued a ruling confirming that Ingwe will pay a fine of Sh300, 000 while Lilumbi will remain suspended for the next five months.

“AFC Leopards has been fined Sh300, 000 while Timothy Lilumbi has also been fined a similar amount and banned from any football-related activities for five months,” KPL said in a statement on their official page.

The statement added, “clubs are responsible for the conduct of their members and supporters and must ensure they believe in a fair manner and refrain from violent, threatening, abusive, obscene and other provocative and unsporting conduct or language.

“The club has what is termed vicarious liability for acts of its members and supports (see rule 7.8). It is an undisputed fact that Lilumbi is such a member and official of AFC Leopards.

“We thus hold that the club is guilty as charged and Lilumbi is guilty as charged.

“The place of a referee and other match officials in the game of football is sacrosanct. They act as independent umpires who ensure that the game is fair, balanced and credible. Beyond this, they are human beings whose rights are just as important and fundamental as anyone else. They are there to render a service and not to be denigrated by the players or the officials.

“This tribunal frowns on the conduct of officials and clubs who would so easily take matters into their own hands and bring harm to match officials and bring the game into disrepute. There is no room for such hooliganism in the modern game and the same must be stamped out.”

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Source: KPL

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