Tanzania crowned 2019 CECAFA U20 winners

Tanzania crowned 2019 CECAFA U20 winners | CECAFA

Johnathan Onyango’s own goal was all that Tanzania craved for to lift the CECAFA Under 20 title at the expense of Kenya in a hotly contested final.

Having met earlier in this event, Kenyan boys fought fearlessly and at the face value, everyone knew the tittle was destined to head to code 254. Having dream for the tittle for over 20 years, the Stanley Okumbi’s side knew the pressure was on them to salvage a win on this.

On the other hand, their Tanzanians counterparts have been facing a severe drought that has lasted forty plus years. This fact not withstanding, the “Magufuli’s” led boys kept on knocking on the Kenyan doors while held on their back-line cautiously not to allow an early goal from the Kenya.

The Tanzanian’s effort finally paid back in their favor very late in the first half when The game sprung to life in the first added minute of the opening half when a free-kick was floated into the box but a miscommunication and miss judgement by Brain Bwire and Johnathan Onyango led to the most unfortunate reality when the kenyan defender Jonathan Onyango scoring swallowing the bitter pill of scoring a fortuitous own goal to give Tanzania the only important lead.

The Kenyan boys will be heading back to the code 254 heads high living to fight another day and definately another stage. Congratulations Tanzania for the win.

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